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The Perfect Wedding Venue In Erie?

Finding the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding in and around Erie, PA

Weddings are one of the most important events in a couple’s life. You can make your wedding a memorable lifetime experience by choosing an ideal venue. Picking a wedding venue is difficult as it requires considerable time and money to do so, but can be super fun and brings our your creative side. There are many wedding venues in Erie Pa which you can consider for your special day. Some of the key considerations for choosing a perfect venue for your wedding are as follows:


Budget is one of the most important considerations for selecting a wedding venue. You should know your budgetary limits as it will help you to hire the perfect wedding venue for your wedding. You do not want to be stretching way beyond your budget as it will create unnecessary financial stress on you. Create a budget and stick to it for finalizing any venue for your wedding. Remember, you have other things to consider, DJs, Photographers, Flowers, Decorations and so on.


You should check the availability of the wedding venue as per your schedule, also see if their schedule is open with your favorite DJ or photographer, keep in mind those vendors will make your day just as special as the venue itself! Many banquet halls in Erie and wedding venues in Erie Pa have online calendars which you can check beforehand to ensure the availability of the venue.


Before hiring a venue consider if it is ideal to meet the expectations of your guests. You should ensure that the venue has sufficient space to comfortably accommodate your guests. The venue should not be stretched to accommodate the maximum permissible number of guests as it may become very uncomfortable for them. You can explore wedding venues in area that are suitable for your needs for ensuring a memorable celebration.

Verify on What is Included

While considering a venue verify what all is included in the deal, talk to previous newlyweds and see what experiences they have had. A venue with additional accessories like chairs, tables, linens etc. may look costly upfront but if you considering hiring vendors to handle these accessories separately, then it may cost you more. You may also explore if the venue has in-house catering arrangements and compare the costs between opting for the in-house catering versus getting a caterer from outside (if the venue allows that). Verifying all these details before choosing the venue will help you rationalize costs and get the best deals.

Be True to Yourself

Couples are inclined to get influenced by wedding themes and styles they may have seen on Pinterest or other social media platforms. They may want to get the same arrangements for their wedding. However, it is important to be true to yourself and consider what you want as a couple. The venue and theme weddings may have looked aesthetic on the social media but it was the choice made by some other couple that may not reflect who you are, your personal style or what you want from your wedding venue as a couple.


Immediately hire your favorite DJ and photographer, everythign after will fall into place!

These are just a few things to keep in mind when choosing that perfect venue. please scroll thru our blog for more helpful advice!

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