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The best in Erie DJ Entertainment

Derek & Kelly Aicher Wedding at The Lake shore Country Club! ~ August 3rd, 2019 ~

This was an incredible couple to work with... and for! They had a clear vision on what they wanted for their wedding in Erie, PA! They wanted the best DJ! They wanted the best entertainment in Erie! hands down! My team were ready to show them and their families and amazing time, they chose the right cocktail hour music and they knew the direction they wanted to go with the dinner music! More importantly they had seen my team and I play at various weddings in and out of Erie.

Kelly and her lady friends spent a good part of the evening on the dance floor listening to best DJs in the city! other moments were hanging out by the GQ Seflie Mirror Photo Booth taking awesome photos and showing off the beautiful bride!

The DJ Entertainment in Erie is DJ Henry GQ and the GQ Events Team! Dance floors are packed! DJs that are exciting and get the crowd going! Entertainment that everyone loves!

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