The Popular DJ For High School Promos & Homecoming Events In Erie, PA!!

College Functions

DJ Henry GQ is the most wanted DJ for high school proms and homecoming events in Erie who can handle it all, I worked with some of the major Colleges and Universities in the Erie, Pittsburgh, Buffalo & Cleveland area! from non-alcoholic functions on campus, to all the Homecoming events, to even opening for some of the artists for college tours! being a College DJ is not easy, it takes years of practice and knowing how and when to spin that perfect song to get everyone moving. I will also help you plan your College, Univeristy, Fraternuty or Sorority event. Do not hire a DJ for high school proms in Erie and college functions that just stands there, I love music and DJing If you want to make your event a success every year... HIRE DJ Henry GQ. I porvide the hottest DJ Equipment, from Speakers and Sound Systems to Dance Floor Lighting & Up Lighting. I will help your event become what you dream of! Contact me and and I will help convert your ideas and song choices into the perfect soundtrack for your upcoming event. I will help make your event come alive!  This wont be just another boring party.

Book DJ For High School Proms & Homecomings Events In Erie
Do you want the best possible DJ for High School Prom In Erie who is equally good for homecoming events? Forget what everyone is saying that they can provide "the biggest and best sound and light show" We all heard that a million times! it all comes down to the music, and how its played... PERIOD. There is NOT a better DJ when it comes to knowing the music of todays generation, and its me... DJ Henry GQ! I am definitely NOT the DJ for homecoming events in Erie who just stands there doing nothing, I'll be moving along with the crowd! you can call it a rockshow! I love getting people dancing, motivated and having a great time! I know how to play the right music to get everyone jumping at the right time! even the teachers will be moving to the beats that I play! I spin all clean music edits beat to beat, mixed perfectly! Your High School will sell more tickets than ever before, with the way that DJ Henry GQ and GQ Event Group works! You will get a performance like no other, DJs are todays rockstars! so if you want a rockstar performance, book DJ Henry GQ and see what GQ Events group can do! Now... I also can provide an upgraded concert like sound and nightclub lighting, with all my experience and the way I rock on the turntables, yes... TURNTABLES (how cool is that?) everyone in the high school will be eagerly waiting the next school function with DJ Henry GQ

Sweet 16's
Who's better to DJ your kids Sweet 16 than I? DJ Henry GQ! I know todays music better than most top 40 radio stations! I play an 18+ teen night every Wednesday at one of the top local Nightclubs, here in Erie, Pennsylvania. This makes me very in tune with todays hip music! I also can play all clean edited versions so that all parents are satisfied with your childs Sweet 16 (girls) or even Sour 16!(guys) I also can provide an upgraded state of the art dance floor lighting and sound system that any 16 year old can appreciate! Have a certain color that you want your Sweet 16 or Sour 16 event to be? I can make the walls of your venue/event shine with color with some of the best Up Lighting in the Buffalo, Cleveland, Erie, and Pittsburgh area! I also can provide dance teams to perform at your event! yes.. this is true. I work with several break dance and dance teams! If you want that extra "something" at your event this is the way to go! If you need a Sweet 16 or a Sour 16 DJ, look no further. Book me today! email or call me

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About Us

 I'm Henry of GQ Events Group.  I've been a top DJ - Disc Jockey in the Erie area for the last 15 years.  My positive attitude and love of music haven't changed since the day I fell in love with DJing!  My Company delivers a modern, classy but high-end look, sound and feel. My passion for this business will make your event an unforgettable experience.

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