GQ Events Group is Erie Pennsylvanias favorite Events DJs

GQ Events delivers a modern, classy but high end look, sound and feel at every event we do. Our passion for this business will make your event an unforgettable experience! Weddings, Birthday Parties, school funtions or any Corporate event, we will make it an amazing time for you and your guests! 

GQ Events is a DJ company based out of Erie, Pennsylvania. We look forward to providing you with the perfect event experience from beginning to end. We want to give you great customer service before, during, and after your special event. Planning, practice and passion is what makes this DJ company the best choice for you! We truly love what we do and always treat clients as friends and more often as family. Every DJ in GQ Events is "classy, fun but energetic".

You will soon find out that each event we do is custom tailored for you, right down to picking out your “do” and “do not” playlist, to helping you plan out the timeline of your event. We specialize in any kind of event planning!


We also provide quality battery powered up-lighting, accent lighting, wall decor lighting, wall washing lights, professional nightclub dance floor lighting and professional graded sound systems, along with photo booths.

GQ Events Group primarily focuses on Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthdays, High School & College Parties. All of this makes us the best, most rounded DJs possible!

Call or email us and we will give you the VIP treatment today.

GQ Events Group   (814) 860-6886

DJ Henry GQ


DJ Henry GQ knows how to play the perfect musical set, With an ample knowledge of all genres including Top 40, Hip Hop, all forms of House music, Dub Step, Rock and R&B. With an array of seamless mixing styles, he has proven to be like no other, and no other has made an impact quite like him. His chemistry for bringing different styles of music in the mix has landed him gigs in the best venues. The exact genre of music that Henry GQ does play is soley based on the club, event and crowd. He also pioneered Star 104's very popular "Club Utopia," a three hour commercial-free beat mixing dance show (live from the Kings Rook Club). Now that show has turned into the widely successful "club 104" show which was live from Peccadillos and The Cellblock, both of which he played at live. Also known for his "re-edited remixes," Henry GQ inspires to be a full-on producer/remixer. By re-editing certain tracks, it allows him to manipulate the crowd into a dance frenzy. "Seeing the crowd thrown for a loop is the best high I can get!!...seeing their faces light up, and scream, when they hear a blazing remix of their favorite song... it is all the motivation I need to do this!" exclaims GQ.

DJ Neil Christopher

ìAs I always say, itís not what I do, or how I do it, itís the way I make you feelî


Neil Is an accomplished Wedding DJ, a long time wedding coordinator, and a serious music enthusiast! When not performing Neil will spend his time in the studio perfecting his mixes and researching new music. He was aided by the tutelage from the best DJs from around the Pennsylvania area. An upbringing in a very musically influenced home has given Neil an mind-blowing edge over others, Neil Christoper has spent many years, owning, operating and DJing local nightclubs, some of the best venues in Erie PA! He has also performed 100ís of weddings and special events, He has developed his own sought after unique sound & style. For him itís about setting the mood, for you, your guests and family! You will suddenly find yourself dancing all night long with the way that DJ Neil Christopher plays music, that great music that gets you nodding your head, smiling and tapping your feet without even realizing the genre, tempo or how new and or old the song is! #impressive

DJ Vinnie Kruse

Meet DJ Vinnie Kruse!


The DJ industry for him is just as exciting today as it was the first time he picked up a microphone and hit play 20 years ago! At the age of 12, is when Vinnie got his first taste of DJing, helping his uncle by being his roadie, carrying and lugging around heavy speakers and lighting, it was back then that he realized the future, the thrill he received from being a DJ! He loved every minute of it! Once he was finished with college he decided to get more professional, bought better equipment and has raised the DJ bar in the Erie PA area! Vinnie has the most impressive voice and personality on the microphone in the Erie PA area, captivating and charming crowds all over the Erie region! DJing has always been more than a job, its about playing great music, in reverse its entertaining everyone and showing them an amazing time! DJ Vinnie Kruse has done countless performances from corner bars, to nightclubs to some of the most high-end weddings in Pennsylvania!


I am a born and raised Erie, PA DJ with over 20 years of professional experience. I got my first taste of the business when I was a 12-year-old DJ equipment roadie for my uncle. It was back then I realized the future enjoyment I would get from becoming a disc jockey. Once I was finished with college, I decide to become a professional. The job has always been more than just playing music for me. I truly enjoy being able to entertain clients and their guests. I have been involved in countless performances ranging from night clubs to weddings. The business for me is as exciting today as it was the first time I picked up the microphone and hit the play button.

Matt Sinnott - DJ Sleepy


Matt has this creative and eccentric style mixed with a tireless work grind. Matt, otherwise know as DJ Sleepy is no stranger to hard work. He has started his career DJing back in 2009 as a senior in high school, working with multiple DJs and networking with industry professionals throughout the United States, Matt has formed a high energy and fun style that matches his personality! Always an entertainer, he has performed as an MMA fighter and personality as well as preforming on stage doing standup comedy. His professional side includes business to business sales and owning a specialty tea business. When it comes to DJing, Matt has a passion for tailoring an event specifically to those clients in mind. Whether performing at a top club, a beautiful wedding, a school event, or the perfect party, he uses his attention to detail, skill, and personality to make it special for everyone! DJ Sleepy knows how to get down on some turntables and use the microphone to get the party amped up! Matt is passionate about turning up the heat on the dance floor!

Matt Stubenhoffer - DJ Slidewayz


DJ, Party Rocker, and Dancer alike, Matt Stubenhofer is Eries top rising DJ! When not performing, he spends his time in the studio creating his own mixes and searching for the newest floor packing jams. Growing up in a very musically-influenced enviroment and spending his weekends at the local skating rink competing in breakdance battles avidly, music has always played a large part in his life! Having spent a few years playing at all of the major local night clubs alongside other mobile events and other fun venues, holding multiple club residencies, Matt has had a lot of time to develop his own musical technique. For him, itís all about positive energy and a deep, hypnotic groove that he can put you in! Playing those tracks that get you moving and feeling good all night long, Matt definitely likes to bring life to your party with songs you wouldnít expect and donít be surprised when you unexpectedly find your feet planted in the middle of the dance floor!

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About Us

 I'm Henry of GQ Events Group.  I've been a top DJ - Disc Jockey in the Erie area for the last 15 years.  My positive attitude and love of music haven't changed since the day I fell in love with DJing!  My Company delivers a modern, classy but high-end look, sound and feel. My passion for this business will make your event an unforgettable experience.

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