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Engaged in Erie, Pennsylvania. Learn what Wedding DJs know!

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Congratulations!!! YOUR ENGAGED!! but now what? book a venue and hire a Wedding DJ - DJ Henry GQ? Its not that simple, lets jump into it!

You’re getting married! Have you dreamed about your wedding day ever since you were little girl? So where do you begin?

First, respectfully you should announce your engagement and share this fantastic news with family and friends. Traditionally brides like to formally announce their engagement in their local newspapers, Nowadays its mainly thru social media. Others simply prefer word of mouth or maybe an engagement party. Whatever you choose to do, have fun with it!

Now, just like with any large undertaking, you first start with the big picture and then work your way down to the details. The first issue you need to think about, is budget, this affects how you will plan your planning.

I know that doesn’t sound very romantic, but let’s be honest, you need to set a total amount that you are willing to spend. You’ve got to determine who’s going to contribute to your wedding expenses, as well as yourself.

The next step is to develop an overall structure for your wedding day. You need to begin thinking about what kind of ceremony & wedding reception you want. Maybe a particular theme for your reception? Do you want a small, intimate reception or a grand, lavish celebration, or maybe somewhere in the middle of all of that?

Here are a few questions, that should help you.

*Do you want a photographer to get those special engagement pics?

- choosing a photographer for this is a good test to see if they handle your wedding reception.

*Which is more important, setting the right date or finding that perfect venue?

- most times people are stuck on the date and settle for less when it comes to the venue, photographer or even DJ

- this can make or break your wedding dreams

- the photographer that takes all those pics that you are fond of, might be booked and you have to settle for less, why? because you are stuck on a date, its only numbers! The DJ that you love, and want to play on your special day, they might be booked as well, the venue that makes you feel great will be booked! why? because people are fixated on numbers/dates. Getting the professionals to make your special day is what really counts, sorry I had to put it out there!

*Does the wedding reception venue have catering?

-most venues have catering themselves or someone they work with, make sure you attend a food tasting event

*Looking for that special cake?

-do you want your cake big or small? Honestly there is so much cake left over after a wedding, dont go overboard and order more than needed, people are worried about their weight! and not every single guest will eat cake.. its true!

-do you want cupcakes instead of the tradional cake? if so, have a smaller cake for the "cutting of the cake"

*Find a DJ?

-the most popular DJs are booked a year, sometimes 2 years in advance, as soon as you nail down a date for your reception and book that venue, start inquiring about DJs asap!!!

*Start attending other peoples wedding receptions

-this helps your insight into what other couples are doing, if you like something you see, great! (write it down) if you see something you dont like, now you know.

* How much money do you want to spend on your wedding?

* Do you want a small or a large wedding?

-40 people(small and intimate)

-100 people(decent sized party with cost in mind)

-150 people(now the party is jumping)

-250+people (let's party all night!)

* Do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding?

-before you consider an outdoor reception. Consider the weather, when does it rain? how hot or cold will it be? will you need tents? will you need outdoor bathrooms, how many venues offer outdoor services? and so on...

* What time of year do you want to get married?

- spring time? how about when its sunny out and warm? or do you like the feel of a winter wedding, all of this can fall into what kind of theme you are after!

* Do you want to get married during the day or in the evening?

- typically low key receptions are held early in the day, you will get more of the older crowd. I typically LOVE wedding receptions after 5pm, why? because they are more fun, more of your guests show up! it allows your guests time to get ready and prepare! and for some reason they are ready to party as opposed to a day wedding reception!

*Do you want a traditional style wedding or something more contemporary?

*Do you want an elegant, formal setting or something more romantic and intimate, or do you just want to party(by the way both can happen at the same time)?

*Do you want a formal sit down dinner or a buffet?, a cocktail reception with orderves ? and or something in between or both?

* Do you want to get married close to home or at some other “exciting” or romantic destination location?

- think about your guests, will it be too far for them to travel, think central location, possibly with a hotel attached so your "out of town" guest have somewhere nice to stay

* Do you want to get married and have your ceremony and reception at the same location? I can tell you the benefits and disadvantages of this!

*Do you want alcohol at your wedding reception? this is a very important decision! why? because it helps with the party! how many sober people do you know that can have a good time with no alcohol! people are more likely to stick around after dinner and celebrate your special day! I have seen this time and time again, people leave right after dinner when there is no alcohol.

Once you’ve answered some of these general questions… it’s time to move on to your first big decision! It’s one of the most challenging and important decisions you’ll have to make – where are you having your ceremony and choosing a location for your reception and then the DJ lol

Your reception site is the most influential in determining the overall mood and atmosphere of your wedding. You want to select a reception site that matches your individual style, taste and budget. This is not an easy task and can certainly require a significant amount of time and effort. However, talk to photographers, DJs and find out the venue they prefer.. they have the inside scoop on most of these places and how they operate!

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