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DJ Subwoofers Placement - Guide to Gain Maximum Bass and Sound

Looking forward to being the best DJ in town? But for that, you have to improve your sound game which means working on the performance of the speakers and the equipment which could be used. Though you may try the best to be the top Erie DJ entertainment service, there are a lot of things which can help you make seasoned like a pro. Today, we will be working on one of the most important parts of DJing which is the placement of the Subwoofers.

Most of the rookie DJs miss the crisp and vibration of the subwoofer which is why they often avoid having a good subwoofer with them. Although you can keep your play good using some all-purpose speakers, that is not a good move for working on professional DJ entertainment. When you avoid including the subwoofers with your DJ equipment, you would miss the idea of subtle and non-subtle sounds. Proper placement of a DJ subwoofer could help you get the perfect sound which helps in building the tempo and energy of any event. Therefore, you can simply approach the opportunities and possibilities available with the placement of the DJ subwoofers in your DJ set up.

You may find it very interesting that most of the Pro DJs prefer to place their subwoofer under the table. This is actually done with an idea to spread the bass across the room which is not possible with the mid-range speakers and tweeters because they must be kept elevated to make the sound travel across the room.

There have been so many experiments which are performed only to find the optimal placement for subwoofers, but the best position to keep them highly depends on the room. Some of the possible placements you could try is keeping the subwoofer 1 yard away from the wall because it helps in gaining maximum sound. Moreover placing it from 1 yard of the corner of the room is also good for an increase in volume. However, if you have to use subwoofers in open areas, then the best placement is to keep them tilted at 30 degrees from the ground.

So, if you are planning to rock your next event with some amazing trick with subwoofer, you can try all these iterations to get perfection. Make sure you sound check for each before guests start to hit the party. Have fun!

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