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Did You Book The DJ Before Meeting Them?

What to Look for?

Hiring the different vendors associated with your wedding is a daunting task. Sometimes you may not know what are the right things that you should look for in a DJ? In a hurry you take the first person who comes your way and then "uh oh"! You might regret that decision! Many times as people do not have much time due to their busy schedule and what not, they just call the vendors and get them booked, send a check and done. If you do so then there are high chances that you may have made a mistake. Any professional DJ will try to showcase their skill to you in some form or way. Someone who does not do that may have something to hide. Thus, be careful.

Someone who is not willing to meet you before the event is not a true professional. They are not interested in what you want. Do they just want the money? Are they concerned with your satisfaction. Hiring such unprofessional entertainment DJ companies in Erie area might make you feel some remorse on your wedding day, don't let that happen!

Meet in person to be sure!

In order to be sure of the DJs whom you are hiring for the big day it’s important that you meet them personally(I feel so strongly about this!). Sometimes it may happen that due schedules and what not they are not able to meet you, but will they be saying the same on your wedding day? hmmm...

You must have certain ideas for your wedding day music and until and unless you meet with the DJ how will you understand if things will turn out to be fine or not? When you are able to meet them personally you can know whether their personality goes well with yours and that "gut instinct" will tell you they can rock your big day!. You can ask them about their previous performances and what makes them different, and how they plan on making your day even more fabulous! You should tell them clearly about the timeline and what your expectations are.

Any professional will love to know about their clients ideas and vision before the "Big Day". If someone wants to get the contract and deposit over telephonic conversation you can be sure that they may not deliver the same that you want. Thus, maybe try to avoid them.

It's good to ask relative questions!

When you meet the DJ in person you may have to guess about their performance and personality within a certain time frame during the meeting, or making that decision within the next day. Thus, you must keep in mind the questions that you will ask them to know if they are the right person to entertain your wedding guests. A few questions that can be asked are

• Will you be able to high-end performance on my wedding date?

• Will you personally be the DJ during the event and the MC too or who is the DJ?

• Is there any written contract from your end?

• Who will provide the sound and lighting equipment?

• Is set up / tear down and taxes included in your services?

• How early do you arrive on the day of the event to set up?

• Will you be providing the service for both the ceremony and the reception?

• Do you have fixed packages or it is upon hours performed?

• Do you charge for travel?

• Do you have back up equipment for emergencies?

• Will you be able to provide online support while event planning?

• Do you give us the choice to choose the music that we want you to play?

• What is the total price for the package you are offering, are there hidden fees?

• Do you need anything in advance?

• When is the final payment?

• Are you insured?

These are just a few...

Once you have asked your potentialwedding day DJ these questions and discussed everything in details you will be able to choose the right guy who is perfect for the event.

To end the note

Finally, after you have discussed everything with the DJ Entertainment Company and feel confident about their "performance" you can hire them. They are the right decision who play a major role. If by any chance you are not able to meet them in person try to get a video conference with them. Its your WEDDING! and these people make it happen even bigger, so choose them wisely and you will remember the day for years to come.

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